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Building a business is much like putting together a puzzle; it has many parts, and not all of them are smooth. But if you if invest some time, thought and planning, you'll be able to build a successful business and become a picture of success. These articles are meant to provide you with ideas, inspiration, and the knowledge you need to build your business intelligently from the ground up.

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Start a Coffee Shop

How to Start a Coffee Shop

  Americans love coffee; in fact, 63% of adult Americans drink coffee everyday, according to the National Coffee Association. Coffee shops are one of those small businesses that are not going anywhere anytime soon. For many people, a visit (or two or three) to these businesses are a regular ...
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Is My Accounting Safe?

Is My Accounting Safe in the Cloud?

More and more private entrepreneurs and organizations prefer cloud-based accounting. Unlike regular accounting programs, cloud services do not require installation and updates, and users can work with clouds from a computer, tablet, or even a smartphone. The only thing that you absolutely need is ...
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Crowdfunding Platforms

9 Best Crowdfunding Platforms for Businesses

Through crowdfunding platforms, you can connect with interested investors and contributors to finance your business. The numbers of investors can range from a mere handful to thousands, pooling together their resources to help get your business off the ground or even onto the next level. When it ...
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Project Management

What to Look for in Project Management Software

Project Management Software is exactly as it sounds; it is a type of software that helps a project manager carry out his tasks, efficiently, within budget, and in a timely fashion. There are several different types of software to choose from; however, the broad variety of options can put you at a ...
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Ebay Funding

Best Business Loans for eBay Sellers

Since it's beginning more than two decades ago, eBay has proven to be quite the wonderful marketplace. It has allowed millions of sellers to make cool, easy cash, and helped buyers purchase things with ease. What makes eBay even more special is that eBay is the place that buyers go to when they ...
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Credit Card Processing Fees

The Hard Truth About Credit Card Processing Fees

Across most of the developed world, credit cards are the most common and convenient method of payment for goods and services in this century. Issued by a financial institution (a bank or credit union, for example) they represent an accessible line of credit that can be used for pretty much any and ...
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Small Business Grants to Grow Your Business

When it comes to funding, a business grant is the closest thing an entrepreneur can get to acquiring “free money” to grow his business. With a business grant, you don’t have to pay the money back, so you don’t have to take on debt, refinance your home or put up your assets as collateral. ...
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Best Uses for CRM Software

10 Best Uses for CRM Software – Maximize your CRM

Customer Relationship Management (also known as CRM) software is one of the most essential elements for your business success. Whether you are a company of one or a mid-sized company with hundreds of employees, a CRM will help keep your business moving smoothly. A CRM is good for more than just ...
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How to Start a Family Business

How to Grow a Family Business Smartly & Successfully

Very often “mom and pop” businesses employ the founders’ siblings, children, nephews, and perhaps even a cousin or two. Maybe it’s a teenager’s summer job, or a way to pass time between college classes, or maybe it’s always been someone’s dream to join the family business. No matter what the reason ...
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Business Mistakes

6 Mistakes Business Owners Should Avoid

Billy Joel once wrote that mistakes are “the only things that you can truly call your own.” Every business owner makes mistakes; on their first day, and likely even today. Some mistakes are good learning experiences, often costing little, or perhaps not much more than a bit of embarrassment. Others ...
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How to Choose Accounting Software

How to Choose Accounting Software – What to Consider

Keeping track of your company’s finances might not be the sexiest job you have as a small business owner, but it’s certainly one of the most important. Unless you are a math super-genius, you’re going to need some software that will help you with the complex and laborious job of making sense of the ...
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Online Marketing

Your Guide to Small Business Marketing Online

Becoming a business tycoon is the dream of many small business owners. Coming up with the Next Best Thing and selling it to millions of people online sounds like a great way to make it big. But coming up with the idea may seem easy when compared to the job of having to market that new idea or ...
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