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It’s no secret that running a small business comes with big challenges. Whether you’re unsure how to grow your business or you’re prepared for growth but lack the funding to support your efforts, there’s always a new adventure to keep you busy.

At Bizit, we’re here to help your small business challenges become successes. Our reviews of small business lenders can help you get the funding you need, and our vast article database will supply you with endless ideas and inspiration for your next project (and, of course, for your current projects as well). Looking for tips and tricks about how to market your business more effectively? We’ve got those! Want information about today’s most important SEO tactics that you should be using? We can help! Need help figuring out the work-life balance so that you’re as efficient as possible at work and as happy as possible at home? We’ve done the research for you.

Our Mission

Bizit was developed by a team of experienced entrepreneurs who built and sold businesses in the days before business owners could easily get information online – and before small business loans could be secured with just a few clicks. Our successes and failures fueled our desire to help other entrepreneurs navigate the struggles of building a business and to make the process easier for those looking to bring their visions to life.

We’ve spent thousands of hours (and plan to spend thousands more!) researching small business loans and other business services so that you don’t have to. We pride ourselves on telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so that you can make confident, informed decisions about the issues that will directly affect your business.

Check out our reviews, articles, and comparison tables to get the information you need to take your business to the next level. And of course, feel free to send us your comments, feedback, or questions, so that we can use this information to help other entrepreneurs just like you. Together, we can turn every small business into a successful one.

How We Rank

We rank every service based on a comprehensive list of factors including their ease of use, breadth of offerings, pricing, customer service, and other factors, so that you can get a sense of where each service provider’s strengths and weaknesses lie. Every small business owner is looking for different qualities in the services they use. Some demand the most reliable customer service, while others are looking for the lowest possible price. Others still are looking for very specific services and need to know exactly which vendors offer these services – information that can easily be found within each one of our in-depth reviews.

We also take a look at what others are saying about each vendor so that you can get a full view of the positive and negative experiences that other small business owners have had, and get a sense of what to expect with the vendors you’re interested in most.

If you think we’re missing something from our reviews, please let us know – we always strive to improve our offerings and provide the most relevant, important information to all of our readers.

Our Team

Bizit was established by a team of entrepreneurs whose businesses have included a diverse range of ventures including event hall management, jewelry sales, personal consulting, and myriad internet-based businesses. Each team member brings different experiences and has different management styles, and we believe that this diversity can help other small business owners find their paths to success.

Meet Our Team

Gilfsmall_large (2)

Gil Farkash - CEO and Editor in Chief

Gil is our resident jack of all trades, serving not only as CEO, but also CFO and in-house legal counsel. Gil is a lawyer by training and started his career in B. Jerusalmi & Co Law Office. He earned an LLB law degree and BA in Economics at Tel Aviv University and has an MBA, also from Tel Aviv University. Gil has more than 20 years’ experience in redesigning the financial and legal experience for innovative companies and business owners. He helps startups, solopreneurs, small businesses, women-owned businesses, family-owned businesses, and mid-size companies get the finance, legal and insurance advice they need to be successful. Gil is also responsible for writing new money guides as well as updating old ones.

Meet Our Writers

Steven Buchko

Steven has been a contributing writer for CCN, where he wrote about cryptocurrency and the blockchain industry. Steven was previously the Executive Editor at CoinCentral and is also a co-founder of Coin Clear, a mobile app that turns your daily spending habits into cryptocurrency investments. Steven is a fan of disruptive technologies who is excited about bringing the aspect of cryptocurrency into the SMB management sphere through his work at Bizit.

Sam Bourgi

Sam is an analyst, writer, and financial market commentator. Sam is a contributing writer at CCN.com and the chief editor at Hacked.com. His past roles included think tanks, non-profits and government agencies where he advised on public policy, wrote whitepapers on emerging technologies and gave presentations on labor and skills shortages. His work has been featured in and cited by some of the world’s leading newscasts, including Barron’s, CBOE and Forbes.

Hazel Jin Mellow

With vast experience in selling consumer goods for retail and wholesale markets, Hazel was previously Senior Editor at Chemical Business Newsbase Group and is quite familiar with managing and growing SMBs.

Atreyee Chowdhury

Atreyee is an experienced instructional designer and has more than 11 years of experience in developing and deploying successful learning solution projects in both technical and non-technical domains. Her expertise spans across varied domains, such as automotive, telecommunications, banking and finance, ERP (SAP), customer service, information technology, etc. Atreyee’s past experience at IBM Global Business Services and Accenture in managing multiple short and mid-duration projects

Susi Guillermo

A mom of two adorable kids, Susi is a freelance writer/blogger with vast experience in website builder platforms and technologies. Susi published basic computer repair guide books such as “Upgrading and Fixing Computers Do-it-Yourself For Dummies” and “Troubleshooting Your PC for Dummies”. Susi is very familiar with the problems and obstacles that entrepreneurs face during the course of growing their business, and she is happy to share her experience and ideas with our readers.

Marc Gottlieb

Marc is the owner of his own web building consulting company, and in this capacity, he has many years working as a small business owner. He also works as an online instructor at Open Tent Academy, where he teaches students how to build their own websites. When he’s not working in the tech world, Marc enjoys cooking, and recently published his first cookbook.

Paul Madore

Experienced Online Journalist with a demonstrated history of working in the publishing industry. Skilled in Journalism, Web Design, Strategic Planning, Social Media, and Financial Analysis. Strong media and communication professional.

Barbara Zigah

Barbara Zigah is a freelance journalist living in NJ. Her online work has appeared in the IB Times, NASDAQ, TalkMarkets, Benzinga, and Seeking Alpha. Barbara was awarded a B.Sc. degree in Finance from the University of Maryland, and has worked in numerous positions both on Wall Street and on the proverbial Main Street.

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