Business Planning

How to Open a Successful Hair Salon

Opening a Hair Salon

Starting a hairdressing salon business can be very challenging. As the owner, your main responsibility is establishing the structure of the salon. You may choose to manage it or cut hair. Managing ...

Do You Have a Small Business…or a Big Hobby?

Business or Hobby

People start businesses for all kinds of reasons. Some do it out of boredom, some do it in hopes of growing their personal wealth, and some do it because they don’t know anything else. But in the ...

How to Start a Successful Online Business

Setting up online business

Starting an online business may appear to come easy to some people. In reality, it is very easy to fail, and in the process you will have wasted money, time and resources. You need to understand that ...

How to Start a Retail Business

Retail Business

There are more than 24 million people in the retail industry in the United States alone. They provide products and services that everyone needs: food, clothing, appliances, electronics, home ...

B2B Tips for Working with Big Companies

B2B - Working with Big Companies

Landing a contract with a big company can feel like a huge victory for your company. Aside from the financial opportunity, working with a large company can provide excellent exposure and can help you ...

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