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How to Start a Coffee Shop

  Americans love coffee; in fact, 63% of adult Americans drink coffee everyday, according to the National Coffee Association. Coffee shops are one of ...

Is My Accounting Safe in the Cloud?

More and more private entrepreneurs and organizations prefer cloud-based accounting. Unlike regular accounting programs, cloud services do not require ...

Funding Circle Review

Only a few years ago, small business owners in need of a loan had few places to turn. They could try the Small Business Administration, but strict requirements ...

Fundation Review

Many small business owners are stuck between a rock and a hard place. On one hand they may have a great credit profile which means they likely meet the ...

Seek Capital Review

Seek Capital may be a strange name for a small business – but then again, Seek Capital is no ordinary lender. The company does exactly what the name suggests; ...

Credibly Review

Not all small business owners are newbies who need to “settle” for whatever financial help they can get. For those owners with good (but not necessarily great) ...

SmartBiz Review

The financial crisis of 2008 saw many small businesses struggling as big banks suddenly lacked the capacity to equip small businesses with the necessary funds ...

Ondeck Review

Founded in 2007, OnDeck has become one of the most prolific loan providers on the market, and has funded over $10 billion in loans since its launch. Compared ...

Lending Club Review

Matter is the SBA tends to be very picky when it comes to offering financial help to small businesses. They have a very stringent vetting process, and very few ...

BlueVine Review

BlueVine, established in 2013, and now with three locations in California, Louisiana and New Jersey, was borne out of a personal need. Eyal Lifshitz, the ...

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