Editorial Guidelines

Our number one priority is to provide our readers with useful and unbiased information. This is the reason that we are transparent about the ways Bizit makes money and uphold editorial guidelines to ensure integrity and avoid bias in our reviews and other content.

Our Mission Statement

  • Our readers deserve fair, unbiased and accurate information.
  • The companies reviewed on this site are entitled to fair and truthful assessments.
  • We make every effort to maintain separation between editorial and marketing processes.
  • Editorial integrity must not be compromised by advertiser influence.

Editorial Integrity

  • Our editorial content is well-researched, accurate, and fact-checked.
  • Reviews and assessments should be objective, factual and based on the actual attributes of the product.

Editorial Independence

  • Bizit does not accept payment or any other type of compensation either for writing favorable reviews or altering unfavorable reviews.
  • The writers and editors at Bizit create original content, over which our partners have no editorial control.
  • The reviews, posts, and other content on our site solely reflect the opinions and assessments of our writers and do not represent the opinions or positions of the companies involved.
    • Editorial staff do not receive direct compensation, in any form, from our advertisers.
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