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How to get a start-up business loan with bad credit?

Did you know that about 10 percent of start-ups fail within the first year? And, 29 percent of them fail due to lack of sufficient funds and poor ...

Market Reopening Small Business Survey (June 2020) – The Real Impact on SMB Owners

The COVID-19 outbreak changed the entire business landscape. Small business owners who face stress, financial pain, and challenges of the long road ...

How To Increase The Value Of Your Small Business For Sale

Most small business owners never think for a second about what their small business is actually worth until it’s time to think about what it’s actually worth. ...

10 Best Options For Startup Business Loans

As an entrepreneur, you have so many opportunities and so much potential ahead of you. Cash, or as a matter of fact, the lack of it, is one of the main ...

FICO Scores vs Credit Scores: What’s the Difference?

If you have ever rented an apartment or applied for a credit card, mortgage or personal loan, then you already know that having a good credit score is ...

Small Business Loan Terms – What to Know

‘Terms’ as used in the world of finance, is known as the span of time your loan payment may continue, which could be short or long term. However, this ...

The Financial Impact of COVID-19 On U.S.-BASED Small Businesses

Around the world, the  impact of the COVID-19 outbreak (aka the coronavirus) has necessitated governments to implement some sort of financial rescue plan for ...

Line of Credit: Online Lenders vs. Traditional Banks

Lines of credit are preset loan limit that are offered by banks and other various alternative lenders. This type of credit is available for use at any time. ...

Overcoming the Business Challenges Women Entrepreneurs Face

Entrepreneurship is a challenging journey for most people. It is even more challenging to women who meet direct and indirect gender-based obstacles when trying ...

Secured vs Unsecured Small Business Loans

The key to a successful business is timely financing. It takes a lot of money and effort before a new business starts to make a profit. To date, more than 30 ...

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